Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Down with the king(s)!

Dmc! Legend status, yet still down to earth and cool as fcuk.
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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Estria Graffiti Battle 2011 Hawaii

It was a fun filled day from the start. Many writers attended... spectators, participants, lurkers. It was great to see so many homies in ones spot at the same time. The EVent was coordinated very well. The artists had actual "runners" made up from volunteers to get paint, food, drinks.. etc. also, there was an actual VIP section with food and drank for the artists as well. The venue was very swag being at the honolulu acadamy of arts center. all in all this was one of the best events i have been apart of. It felt good to be main stage insted of side show for a change. Not to mention painting along side good friends and drinking free beer! oh, i forgot to mention placing behind two of my graffiti idols. super uber awesome. Can i get a chee huuu?

Katch 1st

CKaweekS 2nd

Davesaction 3rd










Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Not for sale

What can I say.. Prime is genie! Haha this dude painted some of the most realistic pictures I've ever seen in the shortest time I've ever seen. Must help that he's a painting machine, popping out more quality wall murals than some artists do canvases. But what sets him apart is how he can convey a story through his art. Its not just pretty pictures with this braddah.. If you have the chance to "talk story" do so.. Buggah is deep. He will school you with aloha!
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Monday, August 8, 2011

A day in pictures

started off this morning with a aimless, solo mission ride into town. went to check out the new action that went down at fresh cafe by Codak,Ekundayo and Meaniken.

Also at the Fresh Cafe was TNR's Mr. Rob Belgrod. I gained some company for the ride thru waikiki and to mccully bike to see the cause of some mystery noises coming from the bottom bracket.

got to meet one of the infamous Udown dudes while at mccully. hooked up some stickers... still didnt figure out the mystery noise. meeh.

On the way back leeward bound i was lucky wnough to experiance a flat under nimitz.it was a complete blow out with a brand new tube (the dollar bill trick didnt last long). so i caught the bus back to the car, which cost $3.00 for about 3 miles. oh well, it as pretty hot anyway. i found out bus drivers are grouchy. what ever.

after the sun had set, i met up with the art team (evolve1,tsg) to map out a project at the airport. Gotta thank big prime for the "prime" real estate he got us there. pics are to follow later on that.

twas a very full day..
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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Eat the street

I was privileged to be invited to do live painting at this months eat the street festival. It happens every last friday off the month. The Lightsleepers gang had the canvas stands up by their booth surrounded by the ono kine grind food trucks.. Not sure of the names but a truck selling fried musubis and an asian fusion tacotruck had the longest lines. Fairy cakes also had a sizeable line up well. Their brownies are addicting like crack cocaine btw. Also painting that might was big Homie james.. The starfish guy, doing his hustle selling shirts, canvases and other product. All in all good showing. Each time this thing gets bigger and biggerand I'm excited to see how the next one will turn out.
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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Engry virds

A tribute to the very hyper compulsive, adik_ting (haha) game..angry birds. Also a fare well to friend we shall call drifter jerrrrrrrry! Who is moving to become a professional snowboarder.
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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Two thumbs tattoo ewa beach.

Grand opening is july 31st ! Come check out these mofos and get tatted like a baaaaws! They are located in the old alpha video in ewa beach by burger king.
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Sunday, July 17, 2011

The wall pt II

It was a great experience to paint side by side with good friends and A childhood idol. Fun way to spend a nice chunk of your days getting sun burnt.. Driving a scissor lift spray painting about 20 ft up. The best part is the "aha" when people was like oh damn I see it now.
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The wall

The biggest mural made with aerosol in hawaii. It's pretty big...
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Like a taco truck.. Now im mobile. Biizzatches

Chee huu
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